About Hemaya

Hemaya Security Services: An Introduction

The multi-dimensional progression of the State of Qatar at both regional and global levelshas fostered phenomenal development of national infrastructure and diversification of business segments resulting into opportunities of human capital development, community service, and professional excellence; thus, creating indigenous brands reflecting national heritage and cultural values as Qatari National Organizations. Responding to this mandate, Hemaya Security Services was established in 2005 to cater for the country's safety and security needs, integrating national human resources with global expertise. Our response to this basic need of life is best presented through a philosophy that revolves around exclusivity, diversity, and excellence.

Over the years, we have progressed in the array of our services and standards resulting in organic growth and creating further opportunities of employment for wider communities, yet preserving the core concept of protecting National Assets by National Saviors, resulting in the pride of being Partners in National Protection.

As a company that is rooted to Qatari customs and ethos, we maintain our exclusivity to employ Qatari nationals at Leadership andOperational Management levels as well as Front Line cadres; duly supported by excellent human and material resources. This unique business model at one end enhances our understanding of our clients' needs and at the other, compliments our approach to innovate bespoke solutions for each client in line with the environment, size and pace of their business.

Our Value for Money proposition is further supplemented through development of Security and Safety architecture as well as competencies and service levels for our internal and external clients. In essence, this arduous approach leads to a continuous and sustainable growth of service standards embedded into the organizational development, unlike typical enforcement practices. Hemaya is making gradual progress into the Private sector in pursuit of its growth strategy while maintaining confidence of the Public sector in the country. At the core of our firm, there are multiple service teams, and each of them specializes in a dedicated area of expertise. Manned Guarding is our current flagship, and Technical Solutions will shape the future with our Consultancy Services whilst Cash Solutions manage the lifeline of any business using state-of-the-art resources and meticulous planning.


To be the leading company in providing security services at the regional level, and participate in setting the security industry standards in Qatar


Providing comprehensive security services, while maintaining high level of competence and professionalism, in order to achieve security and stability in the state of Qatar.


  • Exceed client's expectations
  • Transparency and credibility
  • Work with team spirit
  • Professionalism & excellence in performance
  • Honesty and confidentiality

Why Hemaya

Hemaya is an Arabic word which means Protection. At Hemaya Security Services, we go beyond the literal meaning and define a bigger picture. It is a completely new concept of protection, envisaging the challenges faced by a customer (individual or organization) to achieve a state of Security & Safety with least hassle. The rapidly changing geopolitical paradigm, ease of access to information and ever evolving cyber and technological advancements have resulted into complicatedrisk matrix that continues to grow with success of business making Protection as complex as ever imagined.

Our response to this basic need of life, yet an involved search, is best presented through a philosophy that revolves around exclusivity, diversity, and excellence.

  • Service Delivery Model

    Every business is unique by its resources, environment and security needs. We understand that options for every customer are numerous and the essence of success remains in providing bespoke solutions, which can seamlessly merge with our customers’situation that is economically viable and adaptable to fast-paced growth of technology and business needs. We develop our People, Products, Processes and Partnerships with keen focus on societal, statutory and specific needs of each customer and the industry segment.

  • Comprehensive Solutions

    Hemaya has made substantial investment to expand its resources with a view to deliver a range of integrated security solutions in a single platform. Our customers have the choice to either gofor a Total Security management model or select from one of our service offerings to complement their current security regime and gradually moveon to a single source, if deemed appropriate.

    • Manned Guarding
    • Technical Services
    • Cash Solutions
    • Event Security
    • Consultancy
    • Value Added Solutions
  • Customer Focus

    Hemaya firmly believes in meeting and exceeding our customer expectations. We understand that as a B2B service, managing all perspectives of quality, brand and price can be an enormous task; therefore, there is always room for improvement and the key to success is commitment to continual development. This is achieved through collection of state-of-the-art technology, careful selection of staff, extensive and continuous training, dedicated account management and layers of communication channels. We are always keen to listen to our customers about their Hemaya Experience.