CEO Message

Dear Readers,

I am pleased to welcome you to the website of Hemaya Security Services Co., which aims to present to you an overview of the company including the most prominent security services provided by Hemaya in addition to the main news and activities of the organisation.

Years have passed since the establishment of Hemaya Security Services Co. and the company has witnessed great achievements as well as constant and deliberate steps towards engraving its name as a leader in the security and safety services. A model that has been working towards achieving our vision in the industry in the State of Qatar, through a holistic view and by following international standards in the field while maintaining all of the human and moral principles.

Hemaya Security Services Co. was founded in 2005 to contribute to laying the foundations and standards of the security industry in the country, and to be positively effective in securing the State of Qatar hence our motto Partners in National Protection. Hemaya Security Services Co. has made great efforts over the past years, where we worked on the support and development of the basics of the required security services in the local market as well as on the introduction of innovative services to our constantly evolving offering.

In this regard, I strive to harmonise all of our packages with the social heritage of the country by virtue of our deep knowledge of this great country.

Best Regards.
Khalid Omran Al Omran,
Chief Executive Officer.

Khalid Omran Al Omran
Chief Executive Officer