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Foundations of a secure and sustainable business go beyond selling merchandise, revenue generation and identifying new markets. Far too often, physical protective measures are instituted, but the consequences of natural or fabricated disasters do not get the right attention. They are usually attributed to operational commitments, lack of time or in-house expertise. That is where security consultants play a vital role by offering independent and objective advice to organizations to cater for business vulnerabilities. This is done through comprehensive risk analysis, in-depth reviews of emergency preparedness, and capacity building support initiatives via continuous awareness, planning, training, testing and making practical improvements towards a resilient and sustainable business.

At Hemaya, we understand the needs and requirements of organizations operating in various domains, including Government, commercial and corporate. Accordingly, our security consultancy solutions are designed to work around customers' business objectives with the aim of adding value without affecting the operating environment. Our consulting team comes with industry leading security qualifications, diverse background and keen understanding of regional practices as well as global standards. This team offers three approaches to accommodate diverse customer needs:

       Consultancy Projects

       Organizational Capacity Building

       Hybrid Approach

Hemaya Security Services employs a broad and coherent integrated risk management model, which is systematic and structured, transparent and wide-ranging, explicitly aimed to addressing security vulnerabilities. Our risk management model is dynamic, interactive, responsive to structural changes and takes into account human factors.

It includes all of the following processes:

       Identify, characterize, and assess threats

       Assess the vulnerability of critical assets to specific threats

       Determine risk levels and likelihood of consequences

       Identify processes to reduce those risks

       Prioritize risk reduction measures based on financial constraints and available resources

Crisis Management

Hemaya understands that for a crisis management plan to be effective, it must be aligned to all organizational segments and business lines. Although crisis plan development is frequently perceived as a simple task, the level of coordination required to achieve critical alignment and response integration is extremely challenging. When you collaborate with Hemaya for your crisis management strategy, you will have the following benefits:

       Organizational/business needs assessment

       Emergency/disaster criticality analysis

       Crisis management team and plan development

       Emergency response procedures development and management

       Crisis management support, training and advice

Security Surveys & Audits

Our team of risk management professionals with diversified experience undertakes assignments of Security Survey & Security Audits with measurable recommendations to minimize, mitigate or transfer the risks stemming out of the envisaged threats. Every security survey we conduct is specific to the risks being considered, the level of protection anticipated and financial constraints that apply. Our solutions include, but are not limited to:

       Manned guarding evaluation

       Policies & procedures review

       Health, safety & environment evaluation

       Security systems & technology assessment

Business Continuity Management

We work with our clients to develop and improve business continuity processes by understanding their business operations and incorporating best practices from internal and external sources. This ensures that all critical business functions have a sufficient and substantiated business continuity plan in place. Our BCM services include, but not limited to:

       Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

       Risk Assessment (RA)

       Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP)

       BCM plan development and maintenance

       Exercise & scenario development

       Review, testing & training

       BCM program documentation

Organizational capacity building

As our customers invest in business, we collaborate with them to ensure its safety and security at all times. We offer awareness and capacity building training of Security Management Personnel through an effective collaboration with Core Business Teams to enhance effectiveness of security planning and to make security everybody's job.

Since these programs are customized and usually consistent with specific organizational needs, we adopt a three-tier model that involves evaluating current competency levels, recommend and deliver training and finally articulate a coherent risk management model according to vulnerability assessment and business needs.

Our organizational capacity building programs include:

       Physical Security & Business Strategy Alignment

       Physical Security Planning, Design & Management

       Physical Security Management Process

       Crisis Management

       Bomb Threats & Emergency Response Planning

      Corporate Security Management

      Security Awareness Programs

Hybrid Approach

For fast progressing organizations, where time is a constraint for talent development, we recommend a hybrid model. Instant advice and planning support are provided through our consultants for conducting realistic and adaptable security planning; whereas, periodical trainings and drills are conducted to enhance the skills and experience of all identified members and groups.

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